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Working with you

Paying for our advice and services

In line with our fair and simple philosophy, we have designed our charging structure to make doing business with us straightforward. Like any business we need to charge for our services in a manner that you understand and feel comfortable with.

The future strength of our business lies in the trust and integrity that we establish with our clients. All the work we undertake will be discussed in advance and the way in which we will make a charge will form part of that discussion.

In simple terms, there are effectively two options available to you. Firstly, we can invoice you directly for the work we undertake, which you pay out of your net income.

Secondly, we can arrange for our charges to form part of the cost structure of your ongoing policies.

We do not believe large up-front commissions make for a robust business plan and we do not intend for that to change.

Our aim is to add value by negotiating a fair cost structure across your existing policies, together with any changes we effect.

The scope of our business is wide ranging and encompasses an array of areas, such as pensions, investments, mortgages and so on. Each area requires differing levels of work, skill and expertise. To make our practices fair, we make bespoke charges based on the type of work we are conducting and the potential long-term involvement, which promotes a fairer system for our clients.

Our Customer Agreement and Key Facts about our Services provide formalised statements of the way in which we conduct business and how we make charges. These are available on request