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Investments and Savings

When you have taken all the time and effort to set money aside, you want to be sure those savings are working as hard as they can for you.

Setting money aside gives you assurance that during bad times, there is a fund readily available to help you financially

Secondly, building savings over time maintains your future objectives, such as retirement, school fees, house purchase etc

Key Considerations:

  • Do you have a defined timescale
  • Do you understand how risk affects your strategy
  • Are you savings for yourself or for the benefits of others, such as your family
  • Do you need to build capital or income
  • Are your savings aligned with your tax position
  • Do you understand how different asset classes interact

Our Key Skills

We will help you define a portfolio that is diversified across a range of asset classes. Nobody knows what the future will bring, so diversification is likely to prove your most valuable weapon in the fight against the unknown.

Determining your attitude to risk is an essential part of financial planning. The element of risk changes in line with your timescales and objectives, and we will guide you through the process of understanding and defining risk within your investments and savings.

We understand the main driving fear for most investors is Capital Risk, which is the possibility that you will lose some of the money you originally invested. The factor that is least observed, is the risk of Inflation, which also affects deposit accounts, as the rate of inflation will reduce the buying power of your capital and effectively erode the buying power of the capital sum over the long-term.

To minimise the affect of both inflation and capital risk, it is important to build a robust and structured portfolio.

Our ongoing review service is designed to keep a hold on your financial future and to maintain a consistent approach to the discipline of managing risk together with building for your future.