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Capital Gains, Inheritance, Income, and Dividends to name but a few of the taxes you will consider throughout your life.

We have built strategic alliances with Chartered Accountants, as we believe that good financial planning should incorporate all of the disciplines available.

Individuals need to consider the following as a minimum:

  • Do I hold taxable savings accounts?
  • Have I made the most of my Individual Savings Accounts (ISA's)?
  • Do you receive the full tax relief on your pension?
  • Do you use the best savings vehicle for your children?

Self-Employed and Business Owners:

  • Do you pay your pension contributions through the company?
  • Have you been advised to consider salary sacrifice legislation to increase your pension contributions and reduce your employer National Insurance payments?
  • Do you have partnership protection and do your agreements form a taxable liability

There are a number of tax considerations when making or surrendering investments. The UK tax system is full of pitfalls and care needs to be taken.

We actively review our client's needs to determine the possibility of future income needs and withdrawals, so that, where possible we can reduce or mitigate higher than necessary tax liabilities.