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Portfolios for our Future?

The Unfortunately, a certain amount of global warming is now unavoidable. The greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere will continue to affect temperatures for some time. So, even if the world makes deep cuts in the rate at which we produce these gases today, we would still need to prepare for some effects of climate change. This process is called ‘adaptation.’

Adaptation is essential for all countries, but especially for poorer, developing countries because they are more vulnerable to impacts such as drought and flooding, and are least able to cope with their effects.

Adaptation actions could include better water conservation, new farming methods and plans to build new homes and businesses away from flood plains.

New Technology

To develop the technologies to make the changes to our current lifestyles requires investment. The simplest way to encourage investment is to make sure those willing to participate benefit over the long-term.

You and your children will see their portfolio’s change. Where you have historically invested in carbon fuel dominant companies, you are likely to move to renewable energy derivatives.

Where you historically invested in a range of assets managed by an insurance company, you might start to consider direct assets, such as Forestry or Wind and Solar Farms.

Over the next few years, we expect to see a rise in companies operating in new sectors, such as;

  • Carbon Capture and Storage to prevent emissions from fossil-fuelled power stations entering the atmosphere
  • Electric vehicles that produce lower emissions
  • Solar and other renewable power that produces cleaner energy
  • Energy efficient products for use in homes and business

The Copenhagen agreement includes specific articles dedicated to stopping deforestation;

  • Nearly a fifth of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by humanity is a result of the destruction of forests and changes in the way we use land
  • In the tropics, an area of trees half the size of England is cut down every year.
  • The UK has already stated that it wants to see a deal which at least halves the rate at which we are cutting down tropical forests by 2020, with a complete end to global forest loss by 2030 at the latest.

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