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Buying your first home

Property ownership has become an obsession in the UK. There seems to be no end to the amount of people who are or want to be developers and landlords.

However, for a greater part of the population, home ownership is about buying somewhere comfortable, safe and secure where you can raise a family or simply get onto the ever-rising property ladder.

First Time Buyers have the steepest hill to climb, as the jargon and businesses involved in the process can seem endless.

Our role in your first purchase is designed to limit the time you spend learning about the process from different people and to guide you through the best schemes for you.

We have strategic alliances with Solicitors to guide you through the complex legal processes.

Our in-house systems can source the most suitable lender and mortgage from over 3,000 options.

If you are self-employed, we can offer access to Accountancy services to make sure any questions or queries from potential lenders can be answered correctly

Buying your first home We can provide guidance for specific circumstances and in some cases, we have been able to help people by their own home using a scheme they had not previously been made aware of.

Shared Ownership Assisted Purchase Key Worker

Low credit history (first purchase, secondment) Small deposit (100% mortgage required)

Types of Mortgage The styles of mortgage available are very varied and listing them all would not produce a very interesting or useful introduction.

Our main focus is to source a lender and mortgage product that meets with your current objectives. We diarise to review your mortgage at the appropriate time, so that you can rest assured that the mortgage we recommend continues to offer value for money and when coupled with our other strategies, we will guide you in making it less of a burden for the future.

Let us not forget a mortgage is a debt that needs to be repaid and there are a number of ways in which we can help you repay. However, it is important to note that the mortgage you complete on day one will change throughout your life and if used properly, can prove to be a useful financial planning tool for the future.